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Our engineering solutions have a considerable influence in improving the users’ lives through assisting and enabling multiple daily tasks that most of us take for granted. After learning to control the hand in a more proficient way the self-confidence and sense of fulfillment of the users will increase, which allows them to integrate into society, to be able to work, and feel complete not only physically, but also psychologically.

ADA_7210 (1) 1.png

This Hand is working by using the physical movement of the elbow/wrist to the prosthetic. The permitted movements with this hand are grasping and releasing.


Patients can control the hand more intuitively via electrical signals received from muscles by using surface EMG Sensors allowing the following digital movements:

  • Two finger grip

  • Three finger grip

  • Five finger grip

ADA_6909 3.png
ADA_6892 1.png
Part Hand

Part-Hand - Part Hand prosthetic was created for people who lost their one or multiple fingers, it can be controlled both mechanically and electrically (with myoelectric signals).
Part Hand- developed for people with a single- or multi-finger casualties.

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